Brick/Block Retaining Walls.

Sticks & stones… Our Okanagan landscape often requires retaining walls for stability. As well, rock walls and other hardscape elements can bring beauty and drama to a property. If you need a retaining wall, or if you’re looking to do some unique hardscape design, trust our team to design and build exactly what you need.

Here are some considerations for retaining wall designs:

A retaining wall isn’t something you can easily move or redo, so invest time and thought into the kind of material you want. Generally, boulders will be the least expensive and cut stone will be a bigger investment.

The kind of stone you choose can be repeated in other areas of your outdoor living space (or even on your home) for a cohesive design.

Other Services

Landscape Design on house by Tiger Landscaping

Landscape Design

We provide residential and large scale landscape design and grounds maintenance.

Irrigation Design IIABC Certified

Our team of irrigation experts will create a design that best matches the needs of your property and its foliage.

irrigation installation

Irrigation Installation and Service IIABC Certified

Keep your grass and plants healthy and fresh by having us install the irrigation system on your property.

landscape installation

Complete Landscape Installation

After designing the landscape for your property, our team of experts install it from start to finish.

Excavator on edge of home with lake in far background

Excavation Services

Let us clear the path for you.

Demolition Work

Need demolition and removal? We’ve got you covered.

Snow Removal and Anti-Ice Application

We provide snow removal and anti-ice maintenance during the winter months.

rock wall landscaping

Rock Wall Construction

We plan and build rock walls that bring beauty and protection to your property.

Excavator placing stones in trailer of Tiger Landscaping

Large Scale Grading and Fill Removal

We can handle all of the large scale grading and fill removal your property needs.


We offer hydro-seeding to combat erosion and provide fast seeding for your property.

Rock solid foundation & design.

Find out how you can get a landscape that supports your goals and a team of experts focused on your dreams.

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